Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Collision Avoidance (Preventive Safety)

Collision Avoidance (CA) using Auto Steering is an advance development feature of Lane Departure Warning (LDW). LDW use camera to monitor the car position to street boundary. If car pass through the street boundary without light on the sign, car automatically will sound to warn the driver.

CA with auto steering helps the driver on fatal collision due to temporary disturbance. Car completed with camera and radar to monitor the position and the environment. If car out of the right way, while in the same time car identified that any other car from adversative direction, automatically the car will move the safe direction. Until this time Volvo still investigate the limited steer angle and the right speed to operate this feature.

According to the Volvo research, car with completed by tools to communicate with the environment, can degrade accident number, and more safe for driver. From inter communication between car, the driver will get accurate information about the road condition, such as car in the front of or other car in the blind spot, obstacle in the street or hit on the break. Volvo use universal language that can understand by other car to communicate.

Anti Sleepy
The biggest and general contribution on car accident is sleepy. Mercedes Benz develops system and detects the human error on driving based on driving style changes. If there are any sleepy sign of driver, car will send a warning for rest. On year of 2009 this feature have ready to produce. This equipment called as Attention Assist, continuously to monitor the driver style and create individual profile, such as driving time, duration, and driving style. From this profile then the system determine the driver condition if out of profile database.

This technology summarized from a number of experiment with simulator in Berlin, continued with on the road test by 420 tester by pass through over 500,000 km. This experiment continues with climate variation, road condition, bad road and long road. From those experiment then got steering angle, speed, acceleration, use indicator and pedal, plus other factor like whether or road surface condition.

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