Monday, October 16, 2017

Driver Problems

This is the sample test on behavior training.
Imagine if you become a truck driver,
Then you drive a truck from Jakarta to Surabaya,
The truck load some materials that should distribute to some city,
The truck unloads the material in Bandung then continues the travel,
The second unloading is in Solo then rest in this city,
The total time to Surabaya is about 24 hours.
The question: how old is the driver? This is your age...


If you have the problem on the Road while driving a car,
Your car wheel erupt,
While you open the wheel, suddenly the bolts are missing,
How you overcome this problem, while you don’t have spare part.
You can loose the bolt one of every wheel then set to those wheel.
Then you can go to spare part shop to buy bolts.


While you sleep, then you drive a car to New York City,
The distance of your place is 50 Km from this city,
Because you drive on the night then you use lamps,
While driving and you steel feel sleepy,
the rain is coming and the winds blow very fast,
even some of plant branch is fall down to the road,
in the front don’t very clearly to see,
Suddenly all your car lamp is dead,
And the dark of the night is make you blind.....
What can you do if you got this problem?


The problem on driving a car sometimes not because of the car type but, its totally who is Behind the Car.

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