Sunday, September 17, 2017

Suzuki Equator

Suzuki Equator Specification

Body Style: Truck
Base Price: $ 17,520 - $ 28,850
Performance and Efficiency: Engine 2.5 L in-line, double overhead cam with WT (9.5:! compression ratio; four valves per cylinder). Fuel: unleaded (87 octane).

Equator Truck Type

Suzuki Equator Dashboard

Suzuki Equator Engine

Suzuki equator is based on the Nissan Frontier and assembled by Nissan. Equator is offered extended cab and crew cab style, former offer in crew cab configuration, in single trim level. Power base on extended cab models, come from a 4-cylinder engine. A V6 is optional on extended cab model and standard with crew cab. Both engine are supplied by Nissan.

Base engine 2.5 L inline-4 produced 152 hp (113 kW) at 5,200 rpm and 171 lb-ft (232 Nm) at 4.400 rpm, the power is sent to the rear wheel only. Except for base trim gets five speed manual transmission.

Suzuki Equator Additional Parts

Truck Bed

Close Using Remote

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Car Service in United States

If you drive car in United States may have a problem because the traffic jams make us feel boring to wait, to overcome your problem immediately. You can search some of car service company already stay in and you can call them if you need in the street where you stay in. Actually many cars service in United States but I just collect of some service company.

Here are some car service company that may you need and near with your position.

Car Service Company in New York

1. Carey Passenger
We noticed about Carey is the company’s ability to reschedule and accomodate the costomer’s need. Whether you are going to be 20 minutes later or need a car a day later. Carey will quickly make the adjustment over the phone with no extra fees. Ph. (800) 336-4646

2. Carmel Car and Limousine Service
If your car suitable with this company service you can call this company to serve you. There is nothing special about Carmel only the phone number very special and you can remember easily, yust your basic car service that will get you from point A to point B in a nice, clean vehicle. Ph. (866) 666-6666

3. Uber Car Service
Like in many countries Uber already make online service Taxy to pick up passenger immediately, you can contact them very quickly and immediately you will pick up by individual car to pick you from the nearest place they stay. Uber coming to New York from its start in San Francisco. From the Uber Pool option, this company can easily be solved by splitting your fare and ride with others. Ph. (866) 576-1039

4. Good Luck Car Service
The guarantee of good luck car service is just prompt pickups, reasonable prices and a quite ride to your destination. Ph. (212) 219-8886

5. Ozo Car Service
Ozo promise have car service that will ease environmentally runs on hybrid Toyota, like Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, and classier Lexus vehicles. Ph. (866) 696-5966

6. Dial 7
Like the name of this company that this company phone number is easily remember because they have all 7 number except the phone code area. Ph. (212) 777-7777. The service is good enough.

7. Arecibo
Arecibo serve with many kind of car like standard, luxuary, minivan, and SUV vehicles. Located in the lower East Side, quick ride corporation lives up to its name without overcharging. They don’t much advertising but promise a perfect work to serve you, and only accept cash no credit card. Ph. (855) 428-0222

8. AllState Car and Limo
AllState car service company have a great location because its easily to get for anyone in New York City. They stay at 8th Ave between 18th and 19th. Their phone also easily to remember this one Ph. (212) 333-3333.

9. WiroLimo Car Service
WiroLimo can include of the best service company in New York city. WiroLimo is the most consistent, on time service become their motto. Ph. (718) 775-2611

10. QuickRide Corp.
Quick Ride corp. Is located in the lower East side. They are try to serve your car like the motto they have quick ride. Ph. (212) 233-0005

Car service company in San Francisco
1. Five Emerald Limousine, ph. (415) 812-1757
2. Nationwide Limousine Service, Ph. (415) 399-1333
3. UCS Limo Service, Ph. (415) 609-9116
4. SF Limo Express, (415) 609-9116
5. Black Cars Transportation, Ph. (415) 215-3852
6. Limousine in San Francisco, Ph. (415) 275-2445
7. Airport Taxi Cab, Ph. (650) 593-1234
8. San Francisco Limo Company, Ph. (415) 801-3355
9. SF Best Limousine Service, Ph. (415) 932-9052
10. Elite Limousine, Ph. (866) 964-7433

Problem on Used Cars

Used car become choice because its have cheap price, but problem always facing on this kind of cars. As my experience used car have many problems especially for very old cars. The problem are not only on the physical or body of car, but in insight of car part also have problem. The physical of old car you can see the problem like the body or housing of lamp and some of other parts that you can try to run at the time. But the insight problem always make a problem like the cabling system on the car. Many of cable are not used anymore and still stick on your car and sometime still have electric current flows on the cable and this can make your cable system is overload and hot.

Leg parts of the car obviously to be replaced, like bolt join and tire. Your car must be reset to get a normal car and can run smoothly. All cable should be checked and replaced if needed and look like irregular connection. All of censors must be check how they work and may reroute again. On this work you need electrician that already expert on cables changing. If any wrong connection on car cables and be dangerous because it can be short connection and can burn your car immediately. Beside only corrected on car engine. Other important think beside your engine car is break system should be worked perfectly, if needed all the part that joint the break system should be changed with new part. Disk brake and drum brake may already exhaust , oil tube usually have corrode and should changed also. All part should be recheck include of power steering system, because this is very important when the car run fast, the problem on power steering can make accident.

Fuel consume of old car usually not efficient as new car like new build by this year, because its already modified by the engineers about how they can consume efficient, it very difficult to modified this in order car can consume fuel as little as possible to run the car.

How much efficient of your car consume fuel?

Fuel consume is become important on the measure for choosing the car to drive every day for going to work or doing your business. For city car normally have efficiency of using petrol about 10 km per liter of fuel (this is use my own car, yours may be more efficient). This calculation still consider to what kind of petrol you use, because there several time of petrol quality that can affected to the volume of fuel consume per km distance. For fuel high octane can run more longer than fuel with low octane contain.

Here is the review of some car that consume of normal fuel and run in normal highway. It assume that no traffic jamp on the road in order the comparison can be used.

1. Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius consume fuel 4.9 liter/100 km in the city and 4.6 liter/100 km on the high way. This car is fantastic for category to efficient car, because other car normally consume 10 liter of fuel to reach 100 Km. On the specification toyota priuse can reach 22.27 km per liter fuel in the city, and 16.27 km per liter of fuel run in hyway. This car have engine displacement 1798 cc, cylinders number: 4, gross weight 1805 kg.

2. Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi mirage is light car have weight only 915 kg as first Canadian subcompact. Mitsubishi mirage have excellent fuel economy with 5.9 Lt/100 km in the city and 4.6 liter/100 km run in high way. Fuel tank capacity only 34.8 liter, engine 3 cylinder, engine displacement 1193 cc. As on the specification as dealer estimation, this can consume 7.1 liter per 100 Km run in the city, if run in hyway can consume 5.8 liter/100 km.

3. Lexus CT 200H
The luxury car with fuel efficient car consume, Lexus CT 200H can consume 5.5 liter/100 km run in the city and 5.9 lit/100 km run in Hyway. The specification of this car can be 43 mpg in the city and 40 mpg in hyway. Weight 3130 lbs, engine displacement 1800 cc.

4. Fiat 500
This car with 5-speed manual make this car a fun little ride. This car consume fuel efficient enough are 7.6 liter/100 km in the city and 5.9 lit/100 km run in hyway. As the specification of this car can reach 38 MPG in Hyway and 31 mpg in the city. The car weight 2366 lbs, engine displacement 1400 cc.

5. Ford Fiesta
A Ford Fiesta is a reliable car for more reasons than its fuel efficiency. This car can consume fuel for 8.5 lt/100 km if run in the city and consume 6.5 lit/100 km if run in hyway. As the specification ford fiesta can reach 54 mpg in the city and can reach 65 mpg in hyway.

6. Honda Civic
Honda civic boast many reasons why car entusiasts have coined this one of the most reliable cars on the market. This car can consume 8,6 liter/100 km if run in the city and consume 6.6 lit/100 km if run in hyway. Weight base of this car 1261 kg, fuel economi for combine condition is 6.4 liter/100 km. Engine capacity 1800 cc.

7. Volkswagen Jetta
This car is compact and stylish models, volkwagen jetta get great miliage at 9.5 lit/100 km if run in the city and reach 6.9 lit/100 km if run in hyway. Volkswagen jetta is known far being a very smooth ride and is typically large than most other compact vehicle sedan. As the specification of this car can reach 25 mpg in the city and 35 mpg in hyway. Engine displacement 1800 cc, car weight 3177 lbs.

8. Toyota Rush 1.5 G
We compare to cheap car that already release by toyota to the marker like Toyota Rush 1.5 G. This car have engine capacity 1595 cc, fuel type: petrol, fuel consumption 14.6 km/liter or 6.8 liter/100 km this is as the specification on the brochure the realistic the fuel consume about 10 km per liter fuel in average condition of road. Fuel tank capacity 50 liter. Car weight 1150 kg.

Friday, August 25, 2017

How to repair Power Steering on Truck

To undertand on how to repair the power steering problem you must know first how power steering actually work.

Power steering generally divide into 3 part:
- Hand Steer include rotary valve
- Oil Pump
- Wheel drive

Hand Rack Steer

Under the steer part there is rack and pinion or recirculating ball. The part of rack and pinion as on the below picture.

The fluid of hydraulic system is sent from rotary pump that rotate using engine of car when running. This pump is driven via a belt or pulley depend on your car use. Hydraulic power for the steering is provided by a rotary vane pump.

Power steering work assist driver only when he is exerting force on the steering wheel. They key of the rotary valve is a torsion bar. The torsion bar is a thin rod of metal that twists when torque is applied to it. The top of the bar is connected to the pinion or worm gear (which turns the wheels)

Problem on power steering
If there is a problem on the power steering system make the work of the article above will fail to work and make the steer feel heavy. If your steer feel heavy it should be check all of the power steering system work. You can check from the easies one.

  1. Wheel drive part, wheel drive involve tire itself and front wheel drive rod and ball joint. All this part should be check, if your fron tire already bare it can make your steer feel heavy. Ball joint already worn out it make your steer not feel balance, the front wheel rod drive may already worn out on the joint can make your steer feel rocking and can make heavy.
  2. Your steering shaft may have problem do to of corrosion on the joint of your shaft, this condition make your steer is hard to move. Steering shaft problems can arise due to the constant movement of the shaft. When turning the steering wheel, if the return of the rotation seems to stick, there may be corrosion on the shaft or on the attached couplings. Also, there should be no jiggling of the assembly. Loose shafts can hinder steering function and accelerate wear on the system.
  3. After you check of the two above have nothing then you go to the pump and gear box for this condition you must go to the car repait shop. First you see on the rack and pinion are there any oil leakage on this part if yes you must unloading the rack and pinion part, and open and change all the seal on this part. 
  4. The end problem may happen on your rotary pump, you can open this pump, if the part of rotary pump already worn out you can change with new part, but if housing of pump shaft already worn out better you buy new one. Those all how to overcome the problem on power steering system. Hope can help you, Enjoy Reading.

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