Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Avanza

Toyota will get the maximum reach on selling their car product. After getting high market with their car to sell Avanza, toyota will get the maximum market on the year of 2012 with their new flagship cars with New Avanza and Veloz on the year of 2012.

Just announced on 9 November 2011 that Toyota will release new Avanza car model and Veloz, demand for all-new Toyota Avanza and Veloz has exceeded 14 thousand units until last week, with the greatest demand on the series of 1.3 G.

Car model of this new Avanza, there is not changes in transmission model of automatic of manual transmission. Also the gear ratio, ranging from one, back and teeth end (final). Power from the transmission is shifted via the coupling as (propeller shaft) to the rear axle and wheels. Exactly. All New Avanza and Xenia still retaining the rear wheel motion.

As the comparison of current Avanza price of type 1.3 E manual about Rp. 136.1 million, for 1.3 G manual have price Rp. 151.5 million, type 1.3G automatic Rp. 161.7 million, for type 1.5S automatic Rp. 174.23 million.

The price for All New Avanza as follows:

Avanza Type Price in IDR
E 1.3 Manual152,900,000
E 1.3 Automatic163,900,000
G 1.3 Manual167,900,000
G 1.3 Automatic179,100,000
G 1.5 Manual175,200,000
Veloz 1.5 Manual180,700,000
Veloz 1.5 Automatic190,800,000

Here are the model of this New Avanza car.