Monday, November 12, 2012

Nissan GTR 2013 – Run 260 KPH

Cars easily directed to turn on some of the first corner. When out of the corner sixth straight gas boosted again. The stern was moving more or centrifugal effect. To neutralize it, the steering wheel is moved in the opposite direction, and stamping on the accelerator is reduced.

Most enjoyable is entering the final corner semicircular with a diameter of 300 m. Slight shift effects occur rear body (sliding). However, the front lines were maintained in the deepest corner to get the fastest travel time on these curves.

Appears curiosity to try the stability control feature that could contribute when traction is reduced. One way is a little drift action. Most appropriate and safe, it is done at the corner 3 (R3) as it passes in the second lap. The sports car was sliding only a moment, then immediately reduced strength and straight back to safety. Apparently, the stability control settings in sport mode makes the car so much more "benign".

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