Friday, March 23, 2012

Eric Clapton Ferrari 458

Eric Clapton ask of special car that is produced by Ferrari company. Ferrari 458 Italia is using V12 engine, substitute of using V8 as already available. The ferrari company is not accept this request two years ago, but now they agree of Eric’s want.

Eric Clapton 458 Ferrari

458 Ferrari Old Type

Eric Clapton known as the ferrari fans, he also come to this car company to see how the production running. Now he want to buy this ferrari 458 as his private car as the specification he wants.

Special order car own by Eric Clapton, Ferrari 458 with 12 cylinder, modified using 512 BB style that was produced between 1970 to 1980s. Interior of this car still using old style of 458 Italia model. Until now Ferrari already accepted for two specaial order, one for rich car collector from Japan in the year of 2008 and P540 Superfast Aperta base on 599 FTB Fiorano on the year of 2009.

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