Thursday, April 5, 2012

BMW M5 will Release

BMW M5 will complete the 5 serial of BMW in Indonesia. The fifth generation of sport Sedan present in various new technology. This model is a new BMW member of the Top 5 serial class with an integrated of great power and good stability, as stated by President Director of Group Indonesian BMW.

 M5 use new engine technology with V6, 4.4.liters, double turbo, 60 PS and maximum torque of 680 Nm. To transverse power use 7 automatic transmissions with double coupling.

 5 Serial is sold with price about 1.988 billion rupiah off road in Jakarta, hope can increase the BMW sold in the year of 2012. Along month of March 2012 BMW already sold their car for 200 units or 50 units more compare the same month on the previous year. On this first quarter, total selling of BMW sedan already reach of 495 units or 54% increase compare to the last year. The biggest selling from 5 series BMW or about 156 units, X1 130 units and 120 units for 3 series.

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