Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Toyota Sell Reach 37% Market

Toyota optimist can get their market until 37 % of Indonesian car retail on 2010. Even this year have reach to 38.1 percent, Toyota still doubt and can decrease to 37%. Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) still optimist that their cars sell can still on 37% this year.

Referring to the sales data received, until the first 11 months of 2010, Toyota management sell 255,986 units or under controlled 38.1 percent of the total retail market 671,764 units. Wholesalenya reach 257,220 units (37 percent) of 694,649 units. While the average sales retail per month of 20,000 units is achieved.

"If this last month Toyota sold 20,000 units, 37 percent already in hand. That is, our initial target (first year) over 35 percent have been achieved," explains Marketing Director of TAM Joko Trisanyoto in Sentul, West Java.

Ricardo predicts, if added to the average monthly sales this year about 60.000an the wholesales sales through December will penetrate 750,000 units and 730,000 retail units.

"If Toyota did not, wholesales and retail is not far adrift. The reason our stock runs out again today," said Joko.