Monday, March 24, 2008

Toyota Hybrid

Automobile hybrid become new favorite car type in the future because using more efficient in fuel and doe to crisis of energy in the world. The price of gasoline is always increasing and tend to unstable. Using gas as source of car fuel can be modified into other kind of gas that may produce in the future like Water Fuel that currently often talked.

Toyota Debuts "Highway to the Future: Mobile Hybrid Experience" National Tour - Toyota's Mobile Experience Offers Look Inside Hybrid Synergy Drive.

There are four distinct interactive learning areas within the exhibit.

· Alternative Fuels: Fueling the Future, identifies the differences in the various types of alternative fuels and how they are produced.

· Environment and Resources: Small Steps, Big Difference, shows attendees what they can do to make a difference to the environment.

· The Prius Driving Experience simulates the current Hybrid Synergy Drive technology allowing visitors to interact with system while on-screen instructions offer driving tips.

· Hybrid Technology: Not All Hybrids are Created Equal exhibit gives visitors a better understanding of the various hybrid technology options on the market and how hybrids benefit the consumer and the environment.

The hybrid experience offers more than just interesting educational activities. It is designed to minimize its own environmental impact. Toyota will plant more than 50,000 trees in honor of those visiting the experience in conjunction with the National Arbor Day Foundation. These trees will help offset the "carbon footprint" of the trucks transporting the tour across the country and will continue to have a positive impact on the environment for years to come.

Toyota's Highway to the Future: Mobile Hybrid Experience will travel to more than 150 events across the 48 contiguous states during the next 18 months. 3form is the leading manufacturer and provider of award winning, eco-friendly resin-based materials and solutions for the Architecture + Design industry. Established in Salt Lake City in 1991, 3form provides a forward-thinking approach to the use of its materials within various architectural systems - ranging from wall paneling to complex decorative shapes. In challenging both material limits and traditional spatial concepts, 3form Architectural provides breakthrough architectural solutions and services for fabricating architects’ most challenging installations.

The National Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit, environmental education organization of nearly one million members, with a mission to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.

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