Sunday, March 2, 2008

Suzuki Equator

Strengthening dynamic impression in band produce, and also confirm the self inauguration ' adventurer trade mark' with the market 500 more dealer Suzuki in United States, American Suzuki of Motor Corp., throw the party Equator, pickup midsize along performing of Auto Chicago [of] Show last week. Equator represents the first variant [of] Suzuki penetrating market of midsize truck over there. In exhibition, show three type with the style differ the difference

Support the Other Dissimilar product

"Since Suzuki continuously strengthens the image of hobbies problem of outdoor activity, we estimate nowadays its moment make to ride which can fulfill the many people requirement. This is the comment of American Suzuki President Automotive Operation. "Buyer Truck represents the good market the Suzuki product that also produces the motor, power boating and also other activity.

Suzuki prefers to display three fruit Equator with the different concept. RMZ-4 for the devotee of off-road, Quad made to those who fans of the adventure Outdoor, and Quay to those who fans of the boat and other water sport.

The model itself can make in different style, but the pick up model basically same. All produced in Smyrna Nissan, Tennessee, America, Equator built up inline machine with 4 cylinder, 2500 cc, DOCH with power 152 hp and torch 230 Nm.

While other machine type become second alternative, 4000 cc V6 with maximum power 261 hp and top torch 380 Nm. This machine is true designed good capable. Like use of forged steel crankshaft, macro finished crankshaft and also camshaft, laminated piston by Teflon, liner cylinder from cast iron make more durable and also increase the disabilities, using two stages timing chain.

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