Thursday, February 28, 2008

Difficult to Switch - Transmission System

Problem on the lever that sometimes hard to move enter to the next gear very inconvenient you. Starting from gear one or other gear, this problem caused by the transmission component, the synchronous gear has dull for hold the sliding house between such gear and the next gear.

This problem can cause by the habit is not press full the coupling pedal when move the lever. This habit also cause shorten the live of the coupling itself. The problem is different when comes difficult to all gear movement. This because of the coupling plate has thin and become difficult to connect through coupling to crank shaft. Transmission shaft rotate on make difficult to connect.

What is the problem when happen only on backward position?

This problem is caused by pilot bearing in the middle of flywheel become stuck, so the gear shaft rotate on and difficult to connect. Backward gear has no synchronous mediator and the gear form is straight. This problem also can caused by the shaft housing has worn-out and make not level.

To maintain the transmission system keep good, better to change the oil regularly. The oil can change every 15,000 km to 20,000 km distance addition on speedometer. To make you are not forget, for tree times change machine oil follow to change the transmission oil. The habit on pressing the pedal is adjust to the distance of coupling pedal. The chair position arrange so not difficult on press the pedal.

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