Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Transmission Problem

Suddenly Neutral Gear

The transmission system sometimes get problem, when the car on fast running suddenly the speed shift to neutral gear by itself. This problem is very disturb our concentration, this happen usually when the acceleration loose.

This problem comes from synchronize structure; usually there are tree point boat gear in the hub sleeve. There is a circle spring ring to press that boat gear when the gear enters. If this boat gear is worn out, gear can jump over to other speed gear.

Beside of that if the detent ball worn out, this can cause the speed gear down to neutral gear. Detent ball position is around lever of fork moved. This ball formed in the cylinder that pressed by spring. In the crank shaft there is a hole that fit to this detent ball when the gear enters. This detent ball will enter to this hole in crank shaft and hold gear when enter.

Detent ball can be stuck if rust, or the holding spring is weak, that cause the ball is not enter to the hole and the crank shaft is not hold. When there is a movement then the speed gear goes to neutral gear. Other problem on transmission system like difficult enter to some speed gear such as 4 gear. This problem can cause of the O-ring in such gear have worn out. On the next blog we will discuss more problem about the transmission.

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