Monday, February 25, 2008

Hydro-fuel (Fuel from Water)

Oil fuel price always increase until the unrealistic price now, price of raw material of this fuel is $ 100 per barrel. Many experience have resulted many kind of fuel alternative energy. This result of experience still doesn’t get any response from the government, what is the problem? This finding also has tried to motorcycle. The process itself still small scale and need more research to scale up the project.

Researcher form Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta – Indonesia have got a result an alternative energy from water or called as Hydro-fuel. The principle work of this energy convert H2O contains of water then changed this substance into the fuel. The real conversion reaction is being secret, but water have contain H atom that can react with C atom from any substance like CO or CO2. To create the substance that can be used an energy is also need energy. Is this conversion economically? We must wait the price that offer from the researcher analyses. The example of this reaction is:

2 H2O + CO2 + Energy à CH4 + 2 O2, where CH4 is new energy in gas form

If this gas fuel will convert into normal fuel in atmosphere condition must need other reaction and may complicated and expensive because the normal fuel like gasoline have eight carbon contain on the molecule substance, C8H18.

Other reaction that possible to result this fuel is react water gas with carbon directly, this carbon can get from wood fired, or many other source. The reaction of those materials can draw below:

(n+1) H2O + n C à C6H14 or C7H16 or C8H18 or C9H20
This fuels result has many variation results like same as kerosene, gasoline, avgas and diesel fuel. But to convert this water into energy need energy also, so the price are competitive or not, is still not clearly

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