Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jean Alesi Remember Age

SpeedCar series 2 becoming race arena that is the first International level race in year 2008 which is carried out in Sentul circuit, Bogor, West Java. From racer consecution to fight, perching famous name, Jean Alesi. For the race fans of formula 1, of course this French name have old stuff.

This racer of era 1990 which born on 11 of June 1964 have felt the hot car seat of propulsion jet of various teams. From Ferari team which have stand up horse symbol, before moving to Benneton team, Sauber, Prost and end in Jordan at 2001.
Although include on enfeebled for a racer, its love at racing to make it shy to be retired. To accommodate its age like this time he more prefer follow the race which does not eat a lot of stamina. "Age remain to be definition for skill and ability of a racer," he said, met momentary after event of news conference of race Speedcars at gokart circuit, Sentul, West Java.

When ask about his rival, Indonesia racer, Ananda Mikola, the man who is the first time come to Indonesia again mention the age problem. With young age should be exploited as good as possible, train and practice to follow in many circuit race, that opportunity for driver sharpening skills.

To make more optimum, Alesi advice to start early, to become professional racer like him, that can beginning on 14. He suggests the gokart arena become the start to sharpen the racer skill.

"OK sir, what about Indonesian Woman?"
"Very pretty and attractive." He said, while laughed.

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