Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Baby Camry - 10th Generation of Toyota Corolla

This the car for young Indonesian executive as the success symbol. PT. Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) offer new Corolla model, New Altis that launch on this February. The exterior design of this sedan similar with Camry model, so often called as Baby Camry. This machine have 1794 cc WT-i (variable valve timing intelligent) completed with ETCS-i (Electronic throttle control system intelligent) with 143 Horse Power, this will accelerate faster and fuel efficient.

This All New Altis recorded as tenth generation of Corolla Toyota product. The first Corolla edition was in 1972. Until this time TAM have sold 130,000 unit of cars. And as the Japanese product principal have sold for 33.5 million unit more from the beginning production in 1972 until 2008.

The new product of TAM, have full fill the Euro 3 Standard. This car completed with some automatic control like auto rain sensor, so make comfortable for driver. When the rain suddenly come the wiper will automatically run. The other control is cruise control, driver can control the speed without press the acceleration pedal and back to normal when the driver press the pedal. Mobility also guaranteed, even its rotation radius minimizes compared to their competitor. The safety equipment also complete like air bag, clearance sonar or parking censor.

The luxuriant model of this All New Altis V, sell with Rp. 300.000.000,- or about $ 35.000,-. Other model like Variant G also have automatic transmission. The manual transmission model have J label on this All New Altis model.

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