Saturday, April 5, 2008

JJ2S X4 500 Model and Ducati Alluminator 2006


Machine Configuration X4

Motorcycle design often focus to just the machine design, like the capacity, form, cylinder number or machine configuration. Newest design, JJS, offer 4 cylinder machine concepts as the name X4. This design makes remembering to American Motorcycle that is used 7 cylinder machine own by propeller air plane with radial machine configuration.

JSS designer said that this machine is patented at one blow develop the model of motorcycle which hence machine X4 500 cc, 2 cycle.

Ducati Alluminator 2006

This model create by Ferruccio Codutti, he create an aluminum body for his motorcycle. This motor have show on the Copper & Custom Event in Padova on 2006. Codutti have shown his creation base on Ducati motor that is named as Alluminator.

The special form of this body cover, besides using substance of aluminum metal also the appearance of all cover are unsymmetrical.

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