Monday, March 17, 2008

Charlize Theron's Car

Charlize Theron is not car collection hobby, so she don’t like a luxuary car that is very expensive but may not friendly. She more like a friendly car like Toyota Hydride fuel car.

''Whale Rider'' star Keisha Castle-Hughes doesn't want to ride a whale-sized limousine to Sunday's Academy Awards. Instead, she'll be pulling up to the red carpet in an environmentally-friendly hybrid fuel car, as will fellow nominees Charlize Theron, Marcia Gay Harden, Tim Robbins, and Sting, as well as presenters Robin Williams, Jack Black, and Will Ferrell. ''Even though I am not old enough to drive, I am old enough to know that the environment is in danger,'' said the 13-year-old Best Actress contender in a statement. ''By taking a hybrid car to the Oscars, I can show my support for helping our planet.''

For the second year in a row, environmental group Global Green USA is providing a fleet of Toyota Priuses, which get up to 60 miles per gallon in the city, to drive ecology-minded stars to the Oscars, although Ferrell could easily drive to the Kodak Theatre in his own. ''I absolutely love our Prius,'' the ''Elf'' star said in a statement. ''In addition to being obviously economical and environmentally friendly, they drive great and are just plain SEXY!!! There's no reason all Americans shouldn't be driving hybrid cars.''

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