Sunday, March 16, 2008

Critical Position of Manual Transmission

Observe the shatterproof critical dot even.

As energy router, manual transmission has old stuff. Its attendance precedes the bright gearbox of automatic transmission. Although have been operated in manual (because that's named that way), this transmission type still a lot of its devotee.


One of its reasons is this gearbox assumed by more shatterproof. Need's treatment, most only change the coupling. Transfer structure the mechanic energy from gear through gear is true see stronger. Nevertheless do not eliminate some pass dot becoming its individuality like difficult tooth enter, neutral sudden while run, or whoop it up voice from transmission system.


Transmission Noise

This noise happens in many kind of car like Toyota Soluna or Mitsubishi Galant. After change the bearings, this noise still exist when on the stationer position or when run. The synchronous thickness parts have been eroded so this makes a vibration when running. On repairing better change entire synchronic shares, starting from tooth one till to five. If eroded component do not changed, it might possible will remain to be heard noise sound.

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