Friday, May 30, 2008



Researched from the problem of traffic jam and pollution in Indonesia, LIPI (Indonesia Institute of Sciences) invented for EFT (Electric Fuel Treatment) to enhance the fuel quality to their maximum therefore reducing fuel consumption and pollution. This device innovates the way of increasing fuel quality and efficiency by using Electrical Magnetic Resonance system, not just magnetic resonance those lots of them available in the market. It is also suitable for Leaded, Unleaded or Diesel fuel oil.

Here is the way it goes:
When the fuel goes through the device, the hydrocarbon molecular of fuel is electrically resonated by electrical magnetic induction to become a better and smaller molecular, therefore creating greater quality uncompromised fuel.

When greater quality fuel used, the combustion become perfect without leaving any residue to Injector or Carburetor this way indirectly reducing the fuel consumption and cleaner combustion room, therefore less treatment needed for the car.
The advantage of using this device is:

Increasing power.
Reducing engine vibration or knocking.
Less fuel consumption.
Environmentally friendly (low pollution).
Lower maintenance cost.

This product comes in 3 (three) different types:

  1. EFT 045 LHD Specification :Power DC 12V, 500mAFuel type Leaded, UnleadedMaximum 500 CC (0.5 L engine)

  2. EFT 110 LHDSpecification :Power DC 12 V, 750 mAFuel type Leaded, Unleaded, Diesel OilMaximum 4000 CC (4 L engine)

  3. EFT 138 LHDSpecification :Power DC 24 V, 750 mAFuel type Leaded, Unleaded, Diesel OilFrom 4000 - 15000 CC (above 4 L engine.

This Electronik Fuel Treatment is propose for motorcycle and car, the price are :
Motorcycle : Rp 300.000,- or $ 33.3
Automobile : Rp 1.150.000,- or $ 127.8

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