Sunday, May 25, 2008

Safety First Equipment

Profile and Data base on Driver Assistance of Mercedes Benz is a New Car design safety equpment of this car.

Air bag, curtain airbag, or side impact protection is the equipment to protect on accident happened. But the technology need to protect human before the accident happened. This technology try to protect human before the accident happened. The driver profile can be saved in car system database, this technology also try to protect people outside the car, the example see on the feature below:

Collision Warning
Volvo have safety electronic; the first is collision warning (CW) with auto brake for walker, now have created safety that predict and prevent to accident. Preventive safety is all the feature help and driver support to avoid accident.

This technology detects the possibility of car collision. This equipment have eye censor help the driver to see people around him. CW work using radar with far range area detection in around car, in the back, side and front of car. If the car move close to walking people, car will give an sound alarm and red light. This can help drive act faster and ovoid accident.

If the accident risk higher and the road more traffic, CW will activate panic breaking feature. Automatically car brake will accept higher pressure, even before the driver press the brake, this hope will avoid the collision and can be minimized.

This automatic brake can down the car speed until 24 km/hours. But we may not always close the eyes, careful and good skill still need for several condition, such as the car speed is too high or the distance is too close, accident will unavoidable. This Safety equipment will applied in the future cars or exclusive car.

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