Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Indonesian Permanent Circuit Ready

After there is certainty that sprint race disjointed by racer, suddenly a lot of readily party perform race. Four semi circuits permanent and permanent ready to use. Two located near by capital city, Jakarta.

South Cibubur

As long as race still be joined with speed race, practically speed race more and more to sink. Because, seen from expense, following race or sprint are equal costly. Other side, dissimilar training place more and more far from expectation. Finally PP IMI decides to apart these two branches so that sprint race can expand as place of training to all race racer candidate.

Mr. Sudarto SA, the owner of Dart Racing express have farm in South Cibubur area that can be used. The area about 10 hectare, can use for long term, beside for race event also can use for training. So this area very strategic causes the location near from Jakarta.

When ask more detail about his plan to build a circuit, Mr. Sudarto, father of Rally Marina, don't give more statement because there is not certainty of number event and sponsors that support this event. Clearly, the farm owner which fond of automotive, will voluntarily prepare the farm for circuit area. "We plant to build a tribune for audience and the family so can be balmy." This calm man continuous state, that planning to perform 3 series opened event this year.

Before the time, Ria Sungkar together with her brother Harris Gondokusumo, also tilling its possibility to perform the series of sprint race in Cibubur. Even in the same area but this is a different location.

From Medan, Ijeck reporting will perform 2-3 local championship. "The location have ready in Cemara Abadi that currently use for race and I will begin this year, and build as circuit permanent." Said the chief of North Sumatra IMI.

Borrowed Farm

PT. Bloedus Management Indonesia (BMI) as the national promoter of race, preparing for five serial championship this year. Three event is centered in Cikampek. So this need a circuit that is not far from Jakarta, Cikampek become a prefer alternative. Last year on 21 August 2007 BMI got Borrowed Farm form the owner of Autocar Industrial Area.

Sprint race circuit in East Java also have prepared in Gresik that can reach only 30 minutes from Surabaya. "I think Gresik ideal, because can be the base of sprint race in east Java, Bali, Makasar and Balik papan." Irawan said, the ex General Secretary of PP IMI.

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