Thursday, September 10, 2009

Patch of Tubeless Tire Using Superglue or Powerglue

For people who like to travel with car for long distance like going home on holiday or going out of offices with their own vehicles, a driver problem often encountered on tire and must be wary of. Although tires are new, but definitely not guarantee, flat pointy objects such as nails and the like can stables through to tube.... Then the tires were replaced with the tire spare and flat tire was taken to reply patched tire builders. What the patcher treat the patched? Our tubes had been intact with a pierced of skewer tool as big as finger. The tube just hole as needle then made a hole as big as finger. That's the tubeless patched tires!

After hole, rope fibers are slip to tires perforation with elbow strain potential to further tire damage. Starting from rubber material, woven yarn to weave wire strained mess torn and broken, our tire became weaker. This form of Resurrection after pay for patches our tires for about 8 to 10 thousand rupiah. For the first time the patch might still be able to survive for several weeks or months. But if it leaks again at the same point will no longer able to clog with fibrous rope again. But had to use inner tire.

This way is much better (in terms of strength, not destructive at all) saving time, money and energy, and can be done without removing the wheel.

We can patch without put out our wheel from the car. The wheel should be jacked first, the first think is to seek where the leakage place, by pumping the tire and doused with water to find a leak. After found the leakage we can remove the matter caused leakage of the tire and clean that hole by water and lets dry or use your car duster. After dry drop to the tire hole Powerglue or Superglue by guiding to push the glue enter the hole by using a nail or other thing. Wait the glue dry for several minutes, then pump again until full and finished.

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