Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Toyota Company's Earning Down

On the world crisis era, automobile market is down. Like Toyota of Japan also downgrade of their car sales. Toyota reports a 77.8 billion yen ($819 million) loss for the fiscal first quarter as global sales plunged and a strong yen reduced the value of its overseas earnings.

But the world's top automaker trimmed its loss forecast for the full fiscal year through March 2010 Tuesday to 450 billion yen ($4.7 billion), better than the 550 billion yen ($5.8 billion) it had initially projected. Toyota still get a benefit from their vehicle selling, because not just produce expensive car like general motor, and exactly still exist on the car business, different with general motor that getting bankrupt because of less of product diversification and can’t sell to developing countries.

This car producer still optimist that their car will increase their selling on the year of 2010. Toyota will produce of green vehicles and hope can help their automobile market.

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