Friday, April 24, 2009

Automobile Cooling System

All automobile need a cooling system for their machine, if there is no cooling system heat transfer from fuel combustion will too hot for the machine. In high temperature, all steel and lubrication oil will damage. Several parts will change the form because of their expansion.

On the internal combustion engine the temperature as long on operation can reach temperature of 2500oC. On the side of this combustion room, metal temperature can reach 600oC, so that why engine need of cooling system. Because on this temperature all part and lubrication oil can damage vastly.

There are two cooling system on automobile:

  1. By blowing of air into the combustion machine (available in motorcycle)
  2. By pumping of water into the surround of machine and then cooled that water in the radiator using a fan. (available on car)

Machine part that is placed on the front usually cool by water, and machine parts that locate on the back of car sometime cooled by air. Air cooling system usually have high noise.

Cooling system in general using two methods:

  1. Direct cooling system (using air cooling system)
  2. Indirect cooling system (using combination of water cooling system and air cooling system)

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