Sunday, June 8, 2008

Measuring Combustion Room

The volume between piston and cylinder head on the top position is called as combustion room Vk. The combustion room shape is too complex so impossible to measure that volume. Measuring the volume usually use oil fluid volume as volume aid.

Tips to measure combustion volume:
  • Use thin layer of oil on the cylinder head surface.
  • Place glass flat with hole on the cylinder head surface and the glass hole is about on the center of cylinder head diameter.
  • Using measuring cylinder glass and filled with oil, then pour to the cylinder. Read the volume meter on the measuring cylinder, how much oil volume can fill to the cylinder room. The volume difference is the cylinder volume.
Other method to measure cylinder volume without open the cylinder head is filled the oil through spark plug hole. The same way for measure, pour the oil using measuring cylinder glass, and the same way to calculate the cylinder volume of cylinder volume. If possible using measuring cylinder glass about 100 cc with many times, because if using other volume will cause lower accuracy. Bigger measuring cylinder volumes will higher deviation measure. If your car has 2000 cc cylinder with four cylinders, its mean that one cylinder have about 500 cc.

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