Thursday, April 16, 2009

Electronic Speedometer

On the speedometer can be seen about what the speed is and how many km have been reaching by the car. The speed is pointed by needle and traveled distance is showed by odometer (mechanic display). Electronic circuit is put in indicator pulse changed from the transducer become form is needed by to move two parts. Beside the motor speed, other component on the odometer parts is mechanical; the speed of motor drive is signed by transducer pulse from electronic circuit, move odometer and meter the traveling of the gear.

Speedometer parts are divided into: electronic circuit that can change a transducer pulse into low voltage current and moving coil meter. The needle is moved by low voltage current that is supplied by electronic circuit. These speedometer part is placed on the instrument panel and connected that is printed on tree low voltage current terminal.

Reduction Gear
This part same as on mechanical speedometer but the pinion is suited with transducer driver.

The transducer is change rotation moving into electronic pulse through magnetic rotation and micro contact room effect. Transducer is moved by reduction gear and placed on the back of transmission room. Tree cable and terminal are used for connecting the transducer on the electric circuit.

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