Monday, April 13, 2009

Water Cooler Temperature Indicator

Water cooler temperature indicator consist of: switch on contactor, low voltage stabilizer, indicator and sender and relay.

a. Indicator or Measure Unit
This unit uses the same type as oil pressure on the machine and have a little different;
Have temperature symbol that is printed on the dial indicator or lens glass.
The lamp only will turn on when the machine too hot
To test the lamp circuit when the starter on

b. Sending Unit
Sender unit is bolted on the cylinder head in the maximum temperature cooling, identification sign or temperature range is placed on the body to differ between bimetal contactor type and micro wax type and termistor type.

c. Relay
Relay is used on the several purposes to test the lamp circuit when the contactor is on start position. Relay is placed on the relay panel under the machine cap, and relay have four terminal to make connected to lamp circuit.
Connection order from component meter type same as the pressure oil that is shown by dash dot on the circuit diagram.

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