Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sending Unit

Sender is installed on the machine block “point close” of channel oil pump on the left side in order to show the maximum oil pressure. Sender type is determined by indicator that indicates the pressure and stick on the block body.

There are many kind of sender type available: switch type, thermal bimetal type, and variable resistance.

Switch Type:

1. Using with lamp
2. Contact set operate using diaphragm
3. One contact connected to the lamp using low voltage terminal
4. Other contact connected to the lamp mass through the machine

Thermal Bimetal

1. Use with thermal bimetal size
2. Consist of contact set, a piece of bimetal, heater coil and diaphragm
3. Diaphragm will change the power in the thermal bimetal and make the electric current changed
4. This connected to the circuit through low voltage terminal, and the body is connected to mass on the machine

Variable Resistance Type

1. Using with moving coil size or digitally supplied.
2. This rheostat can use a wiper arm or piczoresistor type
3. Diaphragm moving will change resistance or cause the voltage of low voltage circuit changed
4. One low voltage terminal is used for measured circuit and two for digital supply, the body is connected to the mass on the machine.

The next are the relationship of thermal bimetal component size order.

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