Friday, April 3, 2009

Oil Pressure Indicator

Oil pressure indicator is divided into several parts: ignition contactor, voltage stabilizer, and indicator and transmission unit.

Voltage Stabilizer

The goal of this unit provides a stable voltage. To avoid any fault result, voltage is keep about a half of voltage filling system. This system needs a unit that sensitive to high temperature (thermal) or heat or electronic type (solid state type). Thermal is contains of contact unit, bimetal and small heater coil.

Solid state type consisted of several resistor and Zener diode, this is installed in the printed circuit board.


Indicator install on the instrument panel or dashboard in order easy to monitor by driver. This instrument consisted of: Lamp, measurement unit, and digital display.

Function of Lamp indicator:
  • As a signal lamp of low oil pressure
  • Usually use low power about 2 – 4 watt
  • Usually installed with red plastic lens with oil symbol, or word “Oil”, printed and lighted with small lamp.
  • Lamp holder is placed/located on the circuit board and connected on the circuit
Measurement Indicator:
  • Needle pointer and scale number that pointed current oil pressure
  • Oil symbol or word “OIL” is printed above needle pointer
  • This make a coil move using bimetal type
  • Two terminal interconnected using printed circuit from the back of instrument panel
Digital Display
  • Display that is shown an oil pressure on letter or drawing
  • This is LED type (light emitting diode) or vacuum fluorescent display (VED)
  • Using a microprocessor that receive input signal from various sender and pointed an output signal needed.
The next article about Transmission Unit or Sender

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