Friday, August 1, 2008

Crude Oil Price

Crude oil always rise up, this condition is starting from year of 1997. Even though Iraq have run their oil plant but the world need of oil still not enough. America is the biggest oil consume in the world, for Industry, electric, automobile and many other kind of consume.

The last price of this oil reaches of US $147 and possible rise again until US $160. 1 US Barrel = 31.5 gallons, and 1 Gallon = 3.785 liters. So you can calculate the raw material for one liter oil, or US $1.23 this calculates with the base price of US $ 147 per Barrel.

Oil matter is not just become an economic issue but from long ago this have become a political issue. Because this condition will affect of every side on economic on certain country, even this higher price have become world crisis. The problem root cause is not the price but the rare source. Oil then will become a luxurious thing, and only a rich man can buy this commodity. There is still no other source to substitute this commodity.

You may change your cook to other energy, may change your car with ethanol fuel, even with very slow speed, but you can't change the plane fuel using ethanol, the plane will not fly, even broken before fly. Diesel engine with high power will stop, and still don't any substitute fuel yet.

The best solution is back to nature. You don't need fuel, go to office by riding a bike, sail using wind screen, electrical using fuel cell that can keep in battery for one night keeping. No water electric or gas heater but using sun heater. Cooking use sun cooker, for this just be able to cook in a day. No television or Internet. Car may be just use an ethanol fuel with 50 km/h maximum speed.

Don't be panic; everything will back to normal, back to the nature. Oil may be still available, but only use for exclusive needed with very expensive price. Like for plane fuel, Government or police car. Police work will lighter, because no fast car, so that the criminal will easy to be under arrest.

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