Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Diesel Engine and Gasoline Engine Comparison

Engine parts can divide into two main systems, which are a motion parts and stationary parts. While the whole system on engine contains of fuel system, lubrication system and cooling system. Engine also differ from the work of cylinder cycles, 4 cycles and 2 cycles work. While base on the ignition system differentiate into two, there are a gasoline engine and diesel engine.

Either gasoline engine or diesel engine work using of shuffle shaft, move up and down. Both work base on 4 cycles and this principle generally use on automobile technology. Ignition system in gasoline engine using spark plug that use gasoline as fuel, and for diesel engine use diesel fuel. Inner the engine, heat from fuel ignition convert to mechanical energy. This fuel combustion process need oxygen from air, so for this process then will do:

  1. Fuel and air are entered into the combustion engine.
  2. Fuel are heated to high temperature.

This combustion will exert heat and pressure, and will push the shaft yielding mechanic energy. Mixture that enters to engine contains of fuel and air, the ratio of this mixing is about 12 to 15 air and 1 fuel. Air contains of 79% nitrogen, and about 21% of oxygen, and little of vapor and other substance like carbon dioxide.

After combustion of those mixture, the exhaust after combustion will contains of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other component that do not react such as nitrogen and vapor.

There are a main different between diesel engine and gasoline engine such as:

  1. Gas that sipping into the gasoline engine are mixture of air and fuel, while diesel engine only sipped for pure air.
  2. Fuel in gasoline engine will burnt by sparking of spark plug, while in the diesel engine burnt by high compression heat.
  3. Gasoline engine use spark plug while diesel engine using injection or nozzle.

Each of these machines has advantage and disadvantage:

  1. Vibration on gasoline engine is softer than diesel engine.
  2. Using the same capacity gasoline engine is lighter than diesel engine.
  3. Gasoline engine don't endurance for long time and continuous work, but diesel engine is more endurance for continuous working.
  4. Gasoline engine component is sensitive in high temperature, while diesel component are
    endure in high temperature.
  5. Gasoline engine should use high quality fuel for the machine, but diesel doesn't need good


Barry said...

Nice points about the differences. Gasoline engines are more quiet too.

Swasasi said...

Tanks for comment...

Narmadi said...

Great information...ngomong ngomong kapan yah nyong tuku mobil:D

Ora nyambung...he..he..he.

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