Thursday, August 20, 2009

Honda Insight LX - 2010

This car will release in the year of 2010 and ready to compete with others new released can on this year. Honda will open the car price with about of $ 31,821 but may can change the price if the market have many competitor on this class, just hope.

Engine use for this car have specification as below:

* 1.3L I4, 8 valves, 98 hp @ 5800 rpm
* VAR speed automatic transmission
* 40 mpg city / 43 mpg hwy

Honda will use hybrid engine to make saving energy car use. Honda appears finally to have learned how to play in the hybrid game. Simply putting a hybrid power train in a regular car doesn't cut it. If a carmaker wants to be taken seriously, it had better deliver a hybrid that looks like what the market has said it wants a hybrid to look like. And that, apparently, given the sales numbers, is a Toyota Prius. Hence, the all-new, Honda Insight is virtually a carbon copy of that market leader.

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