Monday, June 1, 2009

Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor is a car that can run in field, in flat road and sandy road. This Ford Raptor very suitable for use in farm puposes or any other business purposes. Ford Raptor have a high power, hihgh speed and can bring 4 people in just one choose.

Ford is reportedly working on a new project called the Raptor, essentially a very powerful Ford F150 with long travel shocks from Fox Racing and a turbocharged V8 from the new “Boss” family. The Fox shock absorbers are similiar to the extra long travel suspension used in Baja 1000 desert racers, and will allow the new Raptor to quickly cross bad terrain without a sweat.

The new Boss family of large V8 engines will start from 6.2 liters, and produce at least 425 horsepower and 576Nm of torque in normally aspirated form. A twin turbo Boss with direct injection reportedly produces about 880Nm of torque. The Boss V8 competes with engines like GM’s 6.2 liter Vortec.

Shown above is a standard Ford F150. The “Raptor” is expected to be wider than the standard truck.

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