Friday, May 29, 2009

Beware of Your Car Speed

Do you remember what is you car speed? What is mean by your car speed? Your car speed is over the limited of safe, this expression just to remind you when any time you driving a car.

Do you know what is mean by your car speed?

If you drive a car sometime you can’t remember what your car speed is, your car speed is over than 100 km per hour. For 100 km/hour, it’s mean you run same as 100,000 m/3600 second equal with 27.7 meters per second. You move your body around 28 meters per second. If your car don’t safe enough, it’s mean you are in high risk condition. If people hit by the speed of 28 meters per second or even more into their body, no body will survive.

You run in high risk condition, and you just depend on your car strong. Actually you rely on many parameter or many parts of your car, that all parts of your car is very crucial and must be in perfect conditions.

What parts can make us in dangerous condition?

The first thing is Car Wheel, your car wheel should still in perfect form, beside the wheel still in good condition, your car wheel should be filled in suitable air pressure for high speed. Other parts in connection with this wheel such as break, oil break hydraulic, break hydraulic flexibility, break rubber, bolt and nut of wheel should be in good condition and tight enough. This is the first important of keep your car in safe conditions, so many parts should in good condition to keep your car in safe running.

The second condition is wheel steer, if your car using power steering, this wheel steer the dependent of this part will more. Your hydraulic oil for steer should be in good condition, not leakage, not empty and all the seal must be perfect. For all car model should have a steering rack in a good condition. If the teeth of rack gear is not good you’re your wheel steer will can’t move, and you can’t control your car when moving.

My advise is just check your car condition for both before you drive in high speed, because your live rely on both components.

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