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Toyota Yaris in the First Place (Year 2007)

Toyota Yaris

3 product of Toyota win on 5 segment which is reckoned by this survey. Automobile residing in the first position noted at least getting problem report of every 100 cars. Toyota Yaris stay in the top, car segment of premium compact. Second Position of this segment is Suzuki Sx4 and followed by Honda Jazz. Meanwhile, Toyota Vios reside in the first position for in the midsize/midsize segment, where reached for second position is Honda Civic and Honda City on third. Whether Toyota Yaris and also Vios also reside in the same position in previous year.

While new Toyota product, new Toyota Rush been marketed on the beginning of early 2007, succeeding getting the first place the Daihatsu Terios and Isuzu Panther in SUV segment.

J. D. Asian Power Pacific 2007, Indonesia of Initial Quality Study ( IQS) which this year enter the fifth year, representing survey to the new car owner that is purchase among October 2006 - June 2007, concerning problem of quality of the car. Result J.D. Asian Power Pacific 2007, Indonesia of Initial Quality Study (IQS) obtained from survey done for 2.796 car owner newly, including 50 passengers car and commercial car of 14 brands. Survey itself is done on April - August 2007.

Premium Compact Car
Toyota Yaris 98 PP100
Suzuki SX4 106 PP100
Honda Jazz 124 PP100

Entry Midsize/Midsize Car
Toyota Vios 109 PP100
Honda Civic 127 PP100
Honda City 131 PP100

Entry SUV
Toyota Rush 153 PP100
Daihatsu Terios 179 PP100
Isuzu Panther 203 PP100

interest of Product Toyota [is] also confessed by media, visible such as those which [at] list of winner of Autobild Award 2007 whereabout Toyota Vios, Toyota Camry and Toyota Avanza dinobatkan as best kendaraan [at] category of Small Sedan, Big Sedan, and People Carry.
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