Sunday, February 12, 2012

Driving License Validity

To get driving license in every country may different, some countries very easy to get driving license but in other countries may have tight rule on getting driving license. You can see the example how to get driving license in U.S. in here driver license information. Every country also may have special symbol that show certain condition which valid on that country. For example traffic sign on the below pictures, may not not in accordance with the rules in your country.

Different country also have different rule on receive other people with driving license, I mean if you have international driving license, it don’t mean that your license will valid for all countries on this world. Like the rules for getting a German driver’s license vary greatly depending where you come from, with even individual U.S. states have different agreements with Germany.

When you come to other country you must check your driving license validity on that country, some country still recognize your license for a while, but for stay more than six months, you must follow driving test if you want to drive on that country. If you want to stay in U.S., you better see the driving manual at here dmv driving manual.

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