Thursday, February 9, 2012

Car Price and Convenience

Before you buy a certain car, you must check the price of every car and model and you also must know the convenience of that car. The price and convenience are sometimes not in tune. For example the price of New Avanza  have range from Rp. 153 million to Rp. 190 million and the price of Nisan Cars like Grand Livina range from about Rp. 185 million to Rp. 240 million, and ones more the price of Toyota Innova are as follows:

Kijang Innova Bisnis Bensin New Rp. 182.200.000
Kijang Innova J Manual Bensin New Rp.193.350.000
Kijang Innova E Manual Bensin New Rp. 218.200.000
Kijang Innova E Automatic Bensin New Rp. 231.200.000
Kijang Innova G Manual Bensin New Rp. 237.200.000
Kijang Innova G Automatic Bensin New Rp. 250.700.000
Kijang Innova G Manual Luxury Bensin New Rp.247.500.000
Kijang Innova G Automatic Luxury Bensin New Rp. 261.000.000
Kijang Innova V Manual Bensin New Rp. 273.750.000
Kijang Innova V Automatic Bensin New Rp. 287.250.000
Kijang Innova V Manual Luxury Bensin New Rp. 283.300.000
Kijang Innova V Automatic Luxury Bensin New Rp. 296.800.000
Kijang Innova E Manual Diesel New Rp. 233.700.000
Kijang Innova G Manual Diesel New Rp. 252.200.000
Kijang Innova G Automatic Diesel New Rp. 265.700.000
Kijang Innova V Manual Diesel New Rp. 288.750.000
Kijang Innova V Automatic Diesel New Rp. 302.250.000

I listed all because Innova prices are not listed yet on my blog. After you check all the price of car you may interested, then you check the comfortable of every car, after that you may check of other feature of every can and the fuel consume of each car.

New innova is more efficient than before model, and New Avanza just a little modification on the body design, but with similar interior with the previous edition. Look from the comfortable side Innova on the higher class than Avanza, but from the price you can choose one of those model option.

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