Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Warming Up Your Car Engine

Warming up of our car engine before we drive the car is actually our old habit on using car with old kind of engine. Warming up the car engine before use have two kind function, the first to make the oil can circulate to all the engine in order the engine can work easily and to check that the oil work properly, the oil circulate on the engine have function as cooler of engine. If the oil circulation on the engine not work, you car engine can be broken in few minutes. But this condition can be controlled automatically in our new car, the car engine can’t be started if the oil pump not work. The second function of warming up on car engine is to make engine and other part that directly pass by combustion heat can increase little by little so there are no sudden increase, but on new car engine this system have been design so that the metal part on the engine will not too fast increase.

On fuel injection system which eliminated carburetors and chockes, idle time to warm up car engine is not really need, while this warming up just make inefficiency on using fuel. The only reason to let the car idle at all is to get the oil circulating, but after 30 seconds that’s a done deal.

According the senior mechanics, idling forces an engine to operate in a very inefficient and gasoline rich mode that, over time, can degrade the engine’s performance and reduce mileage. Idling run can make block heater, the remote starters too easily cause people to warm up their cars for 5 to 15 minutes, which is generally unnecessary. Block heater is designed to heat the engine and can cost under $30, on a timer set to start one to two hours before driving, does the trick in very cold climates.