Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toyota Stop Production in China

The Japanese Principal (TCM) say that the car production must be stopped and closed for a while, because their production can fulfill the quota. The main reasons because of the spare part supply can’t send full to the factory so that the production can not run optimal.

Labor Strike on South Guangzhou that supply totally to Toyota make this company also closed for a while. No information when the production can be run again. This main supplier to Toyota is being closed because there is a labor strike on Denso Corp. that insist for salary increment.
Denso company have about 1,100 employees that work for fuel injector to engine. The worker still on negotiation with the management about this strike. Industrial worker in China generally no madden, they are became the main back up and vocal to insist of salary increment.

One week before plastic component supplier to Toyota company in Tianjin also have labor strike and then followed by other supplier company in China. This continuous labor strike make Toyota company have difficulties to produce car continuously and stabile product and price.