Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buy a Car Through Broker

If you buy a car either new car or old car, sometimes you do not directly meet with the seller itself or through a sales. Actually, it is similar if you buy a car or motorcycle through broker. For anticipate any fault on make a decision whether you will take it or leave it, you should know the normal price of those vehicle. If the condition is important to you and the vehicle is out of normal like there are modification on the vehicle so that the price out of normal, you must make sure if you can directly negotiate with the owner. If you can negotiate directly with the owner, it avoid from playing the price itself from the broker. If you can’t directly negotiate with the owner, it possible if you will get too expensive from normal price.

On the normal trading, 1% to 5% benefit is usual, but more than 5% its mean too expensive. The broker feel pity if their trading is fail but if too minim they usually won’t sell, but if directly negotiate with the owner, they can neglected the commission and they may just give minimum commission to their broker for example 2%. For traditional broker they don’t calculate commission with %, actually they just want high benefit for their trading because there is no loose for them, but for owner this mean loose. This strategy also possible if want sell your product through broker, mean that you sell your car with certain price but have included the commission for your broker. You must give a limitation commission percent by certain price but if you can sell by higher price your broker also just have their percent commission not sell with their price. On this system actually will make your transaction faster and make win win solution for all, no hurt feeling after transaction.

This commission system also do on the professional property trading, they just sell as the owner want but if any buyer want the price below the price, they can negotiate directly with the owner, but the commission may reduce from the normal, but this possibility must be stated at the beginning. If don’t state it will make hurt feeling after transaction because there is misunderstanding on the trading system. Commission always come from the property owner, but if on the statement say that the buyer also will give commission should be state at the beginning.