Thursday, October 16, 2008

Be careful Across a Train Rail

There is no problem if you pass a train rail and there is no train run near that way. The problem can come when your car across a train rail and near of your car there is a train that is come close to you. Not just because of the dangerous of train collision, but actually there is a magnetic field that merges in the same time that can cause your car engine suddenly off. This magnetic field is like an electric current that flow into your cable car circuit that affect to your car system, and more dangerous if your car fully or a part are electronic control.

The below story is the experience of some person that across the train rail:

“When I go to work usually through a new tunnel bellow a toll way, after those tunnel I must across a rail train. When I across this rail, suddenly from the right side of my car come close a train that sounding a bell, I look to the right, and the train already seen even still far, and lucky for me that no car in front way. I try to keep calm, and sounding the car bell on, the train getting close, and I surprise that the tape can on by them self.”

“I remember to the last time that my uncle is trapped on the train rail, the car suddenly stopped, and can’t be started, they all become panic and as reflect they are sounding the bell, and always try to start the car and the car engine can on, oh my God, they are safe. The car bell is proved can stop the magnetic effect.”

I still don’t have any scientific explanation about this event, but if you have that urgent condition better to remember of this tips and to try.

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