Sunday, October 26, 2008

2009 Car Market Prediction

As on Paris Autoshow 2008 many new car design exhibit, big or small, expensive or inexpensive, a significant trend in automotive design is the continued introduction of hybrid powered vehicles. The 2008 Paris Motor Show demonstrated clearly car companies realize a large percent of the population desire fuel efficiency as their new number one feature. What size or price range of vehicle is quickly becoming irrelevant? Can see and review on this car auto show.

Many car models with special design with special edition may still hunt by car buyer as their private car and as their collection. Hybrid car design will be launched on the 2009, as the consumer desire want automobile with fuel efficient. Many car offer on this auto show, such as from Mercedes-Benz with S-400 Blue Hybrid, Lexus with Lexus IS250C, BMW with BMW 3 Series, General Motor with Chevrolet Cruze, Honda and Toyota that have been familiar with their efficient automobile models.

Trends in the automotive industry are fickle at the best of times. What is different this time around has been the steady increase in the price of fuel, combined with a desire by many to downsize as their way to reduce our carbon footprint. Saving money and saving the planet are always a good idea and the auto industry seems to be getting in step with consumers current wants and needs

On the year that will come soon, the world economic have change, even the automobile model has anticipated this economic condition, and automobile fabric will have difficulties on reach their market target. American financial crisis have affected world of purchasing power, their all automobile market will down, and I predict will any automobile producers bankrupt because of this conditions. Let’s see …

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