Friday, December 26, 2014

The Differences of Disc Brake and Drum Brake

The brake of your car have different kind for front brake and back brake, usually front wheel have disc brake type but for back wheel have drum brake. For truck usually have drum brake but I have old truck that use disc brake for both. This condition makes it have heavy maintenance, and need often checking for disc brake lining because the brake lining quickly exhaust.
Drum Brake
Disc Brake
 If we look to the physical view the disc brake have smaller surface compare to drum brake but have better power to stop the car. Especially for truck the disc brake lining will exhaust faster because the disc have smaller surface compare to drum brake. The benefit of drum brake will don’t need often to check because it will more stand for long time compare to disc brake. Too often check will need cost expensive to maintain and change the disc of your truck, because it can be dangerous if you don’t often to check. If the disc has already exhaust the truck can have accident to run. If the lining of brake already exhaust the metal will dirrectly rub to the disc and the piston can lose from the system and fatal accident can happened.

The comparison of using disc brake and drum brake on running can be imagine as follows, using drum brake you can use for more than 3 months without check, but for disc brake you must check every month and may need change every month. To check the brake of the truck will cause loose of time running and of course you will lose your money because the truck must be maintained, for this purpose it will need one day to open all the wheel and change the brake lining

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