Sunday, December 28, 2014

How the Car Engine Valve Work

The Definition of Valve

The ignition system in the car engine have several componen involve, on the part name that include on the system is valve. The valve is a very important component in the presence of a vehicle engine. Valve is used to suck the fuel and dispose of the remains of the existing combustion in the combustion chamber.

Valve Function:
In the motor vehicle engine must have a component of this kind of valve, because the role of the valve is very important in a car engine valve serves to circulate the fuel that will enter the fuel space and open exhaust that will remove the remains of burning.

Valve on an existing vehicle engine has 2 and the duties of each valve as follows:

- Suction valve
Suction valve serves to open the fuel line that will enter the combustion chamber. The suction valve works or open when the piston end up wasting steps at the beginning of the compression stroke till the end of compression stroke.

- The exhaust valve
The exhaust valve serves to open the exhaust that will remove the remains of combustion.
The exhaust valve opens when the work steps at the end of the piston step and at initial suction step.

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