Friday, January 6, 2012

Indonesian Car

Car made in Indonesia currently already exist, this cars still as sample and just two unit produce. Hope in the future will can sell to abroad and compete with other international cars like Chinese car that currently reach the highest car selling in the world. Even this car still rumors to be production but many order have come to buy this car.

Some notes should be recondition on this car as detikOto said. Here are some notes:
  1. imprecise body panels though its body shape is good enough.
  2. Lamp torch still plucks from other car brands. It should be order by them self to the car lamp industry to produce many cars.
  3. interior of this car are the most conspicuous attention. Dashboard layout seems still to be repaired so that the maximum and not look messy.
  4. While upholstery fabric for the roof of the car still looks the pleats.
  5. Power window is still faltering when it goes up and down.
  6. Esemka still underpowered. Still a lot of homework to do party developers, so it is not only concerned about the appearance but also the engine performance should be improved.
  7. Gear movement still hard.
  8. Gas Pedal is still hard
  9. steering still feels heavy despite using power steering. It's not convenient for the car class SUV.