Monday, January 11, 2010

China Automobile

Many years already pass, Germany always on the top position as Automobile exporter country. Who don’t know the well-known automobile trade mark like Mercedes, BMW and the house appliance like Siemens, or other modern machine with high technology use from this country.

On the last of the year of 2009, the crown as the top exporter country has been rolling to China as the number one of exporter country. China also have hit down of America as the biggest market on the world on the year of 2009 and will hit Japan soon as the second biggest economic country in the world. Last year china have hit Germany as the third position of biggest economic strength on the year of 2007. Beside export big machine china also sold a small accessories like button, needle, toys and also many kind of fruits and suit. We have known that in traditional market like Cairo, Egypt, until Australia already on stock china’s product.

China export has increase about 17.7 percent on the December 2009. This increase is sign of the rising China export after 13 month weakened. Chinas export on the December about 130.7 million US Dollar, and along the last year about 1.2 billion US Dollar. As the Germany government statement last week state that China become the number one of exporter country in the world, while the German just reach 1.17 billion US Dollar.

China seem will produce good with labor oriented in order can multiple job opening than sophisticated product using robot. By exporting 30 million t-shirt will give benefit more higher than produce one unit of Boeing 747. If China can produce 30 million t-shirt its mean can open job for 10,000 peoples, its mean about 30,000 peoples will get income on their family.

China can stable to sell their product because the Yuan price is bellow the market price, its to keep their product keep competitive on the world market. Chinas Government have peg their Yuan to the certain value to dollar in order to prevent their product become expensive on the world market.

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