Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Car Speed Unit

U may sometime pay attention to your speedometer unit, why is different? U using your traditional unit such as MPH (mile per hours). Still don’t use International unit like us, km/hours. Your car may be cheapest than us, this is may be because of u use local car, while us using import car, or because of your speedometer price more cheap than us, he .. he…he.


To convert from your traditional unit to international unit sometime make a mistake, because mile have other similar unit, like in British unit that is different conversion to international unit. U also will feel difficulties to feel your speed if using my car that use international unit Km/hour.


Between UK mile and US mile are different, US mile means 1,609 km while UK mile means 1,853 km. So what is the fastest car, made USA or made UK? Traditional US mile also different with international mile used, International mile have 1,852 km and traditional US mile just 1,609 so what is the fastest car. So be careful if u debate with your friend about the car or other vehicle speed, because u use different standard, but if u use international standard like us, this differences will vanish. I myself also confused use your speed standard.

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