Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Toyota Aqua

Toyota Motor Company today (12/26/2011) launches new compact hybrid cars in Japan, namely Aqua. Previously, this car has been introduced to the public in 2011 ago. According to Toyota, Aqua uses hybrid technology that has been developed, for 17 years claims with fuel consumption of 35.4 km per liter (Japanese test method).

While the sale price, the cheapest Rp 1.69 million yen (Rp. 196 million) and the most expensive 1.85 million Yen or Rp. 215 million. Toyota also offers a special version for the disabled or handicapped body called WelcabFriendmatics. This version, operate everything is done by hand and went on sale in March 2012. The price began 1.895 million yen (Rp 220 million) to the most expensive 2.679 million yen or Rp. 311 million.

Added, with the advent of Aqua, Japanese consumers will get various choices of hybrid cars are increasingly diverse and increasingly affordable prices.

Gasoline engine used Aqua has capacity 1.5 liter (while Prius 1.8-liter) and uses the same hybrid technology with the Prius (THSII). As seniors, the gasoline engine also utilizes Aqua Atiknson cycle so that higher efficiency of its work (the eventual goal fuel economy).

So that the higher the engine work again, used to cool the coolant pump is driven by a battery (electric pump). With this, the loss of the rubber belt does not exist. In addition, the cooling airflow control more precision.