Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Second Car Price Increase

Second car prices at WTC Mangga Dua when it starts to rise around RP. 8 million. Models of multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) is still the highest demand. "The three major brands that experienced price increases are Toyota, Daihatsu and Honda," said Herjanto Kosasih, Senior Marketing Manager WTC Mangga Dua in northern Jakarta .

For a used car (mobkas) worth RP. 100 million and Rp 150 million, up Herjanto, the rising up to Rp 5 million. As for a valuable RP. 200 million increased by about RP. 8 million. The cars priced above that are also present, but not monitored. Second car prices soaring has happened since last May and lasted until the end of this July.

"When the month of fasting usually return to normal prices. You see, the buyers come from end users. So, the merchant returns to the normal price. If two months ago the target area merchants," beber Herjanto.
Meanwhile, in June, sales reached 2800 units and was recorded as the highest record in history of the company. With these figures, total sales of first half of 2011 has reached 15,000 units or an increase over the same period last year, 8,000 units.