Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hatchback Car be Favored

After American crisis, car consumers in US begin shift to hatchback car, especially on compact and small segment cars. This has been state by Ford Motor Co. like write by Detroit News yesterday.

New Volvo Hatchback
Ford conclude this assume based on the Fiesta sales that 50% of Fiesta sales in US is hatchback cars. According to that sales Ford will focus to produce this car type to sell in this country, hatchback variant will take 41% of total car production.

Other US new car trend are based on the luxurious interior and other new feature that more variety. Many consumers interested to the car that efficient of fuel, sophisticated technology and high flexibility for example car with five doors.

Along this time US people think that hatchback cars traditionally prefer in Europe and Canada because their income still low. Other opinion as stigma that hatchback synonym with cheap cars, such as small and bored design. That stigma beginning blurred, American consumer begin to follow Europe people to think, that hatchback either multipurpose and fuel efficient.